Verado - Supercharged FourStroke

Finally, a FourStroke with brains and brawn. Boating choices were once black and white: FourStroke engines boasted advanced technology and reliability, but couldn't equal the acceleration of traditional twostrokes. Mariner, driven by a history of innovation, set out to manufacture a FourStroke engine that would deliver performance and reliability with an automotive-like driving experience,  and came up with Verado, the world's only supercharged production outboard engine. The future of outboards is here today.

6 Cylinders
Supercharged FourStroke from 300hp-200hp
4 Cylinders
Supercharged FourStroke from 200hp-135hp

Leaders look Forward

Since day one, each and every Mariner Verado engine has surpassed both industry standards and consumer's expectations in terms of Performance, Quietness, Control and Fuel Economy.

  • Awesome Performance
  • Designed to be revolutionary from the water up, Verado is the most unique engine you’ll ever find. Verado’s acceleration redefines speed and agility.
  • Awesome Quietness
  • Verado provides the quietest, smoothest power ever available in an outboard engine. Power up with Verado. Your ears will thank us.
  • Awesome Control
  • Every Verado engine has Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) as a standard featured